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5 Tips For Maintaining Intestinal Health And Improving Digestion While Traveling


Traveling is a big part of my life and job, so after traveling to over 35 countries around the world, I've learned a lot about how to keep my body (and gut) feeling their best when traveling. Especially since I have celiac disease, making sure that I protect and support your gut health while traveling is very important and something that I have learned over the years is really the best way to care.

Why Are Bowel Problems So Common While Traveling?

As most people can attest, traveling can be very taxing on our entire digestive system, and if you just step back and think about it, it makes a lot of sense. First of all, when traveling, we usually don't follow the sleep and exercise routines that we are used to, two behaviors we know are essential for maintaining optimal gut health and regularity. We also usually eat lots of different foods when we travel, and are exposed to so many new microbes that our digestive systems may not normally use.

 So it's no surprise that when we travel, most people report feeling several types: bloating, gas, constipation, nausea, or general discomfort. But just because these symptoms may be common doesn't mean there's nothing we can do about them!I know after having had too many trips negatively impacted by my upset stomach that I need to create a game plan to proactively support my gut health while traveling.

5 Tips For Maintaining Intestinal Health And Improving Digestion While Traveling

1.       Use A High Quality Probiotic At Least 30 Days Before Travel And While Traveling

Using the right probiotics totally changed my gut health and was the most important factor increasing my travel-related gut problems. But not all probiotics are created equal and it's important to know what to look for before choosing the best option for your trip.

I personally like using the All Flora Probiotic from the New Chapter, which provides two types of clinical strength flora (bacteria and yeast) that help support a healthy balance in the gut microbiome and can promote immune health, regularity, reduce gas and bloating, and improve diarrhea / symptoms. constipation.

While most other probiotics only include a few different probiotic strains in their formulation, New Chapter includes three different compounds that work together to support optimal gut balance:

·         prebiotics (fibers from healing plants that act as fuel for probiotics)

·         10 billion CFU of clinically tested probiotics ("good" beneficial bacteria)

·         postbiotics (beneficial compounds that support long-term digestive health)

I also like that All Flora Probiotics are shelf stable, which means you don't have to worry about finding a refrigerator for your probiotics on the go, which is often not possible. It's a game changer for me when working in a global health environment, and makes supporting my gut health even in the most remote areas easier.

So whenever I'm asked about how I keep my gut healthy while traveling around the world, my first recommendation is to always start with probiotics from New Chapter. Especially when used at least 30 days prior to travel, during travel, and after travel, it can be the friendly helper you need to keep your gut healthy, and combat any indigestion you may experience while traveling.

2.        Eat More, Fiber-Rich Foods

Before going on any trip, I always start to load up on more whole fruits and vegetables, and other fiber-rich foods such as nuts and seeds. This helps ensure my body and digestion are healthy before every trip, which makes staying healthy on the go a lot easier.Personally, I find that raw nuts and vegetables are difficult to digest and can increase bloating especially on travel days.

It also goes without saying that as much as possible it is very important to avoid sugary sodas, and other processed foods that don't make you feel well even on non-travel days. So skip processed foods and choose cooked foods that you know will fuel your body and support your digestion.

3.        Keep Ginger On Hand

Ginger is a wonderful herbal aid to improve digestion and reduce GI discomfort, and the Ginger Force from the New Chapter is something I always have on the go. Ginger has a long history of supporting intestinal health and acting as a digestive aid by stimulating and warming the stomach to stimulate bile secretion and help move food through the digestive tract, which can help relieve bloating, gas, and upset stomach.

So whenever I find that my stomach feels a little unwell while traveling, I will always take ginger ale and find that it will usually do a trick to help calm and ease any stomach problems I may be having.

4.        Move Your Body

Long flights and too much time spent on transportation can mean less movement. While most of us tend to be quite active once we get to our travel destination, that time in transportation is when you want to really focus on moving in.

Try to get up every hour or so on a long flight or take a train to stretch your legs and get your body moving a little. You can also take advantage of the open spaces at the airport to do some gentle yoga poses, squats and other stretches that can help circulate your blood and wake up your digestion!

5.        Stay Hydrated

It can be difficult to stay hydrated while traveling, but it is very important if you want to keep your digestion regular and reduce bloating while traveling. Water helps move matter through your digestive tract, which will help combat travel-related constipation and reduce the bloating that can occur when food stays in your intestines too long.

Flying in particular can quickly dehydrate your body due to low humidity, so be sure to drink 8 ounces of water for every hour you fly. My best advice is to make sure you carry a full bottle of water on board, and then ask flight attendants when traveling to fill your water bottle as often as possible.

If you follow these tips on the go, you'll be amazed by how much they can improve your digestion and keep your gut healthy and happy. What are some of your favorite tips for smooth digestion on the go? Leave some below in the comments.

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