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5 Types of Spices That Can Prevent Corona Virus For You

In this urgent time, we need 5 types of spices that can prevent Coronavirus. It's necessary because, from the information of spices, we can consume them to add some immunity to our body. Moreover, the Coronavirus still on the research until now. We don't know the exact period of incubation of the virus.

Besides it's useful to make some taste in the food, spices also gave lots of benefit for someone who consumes it in another way. As you may see in herbal drugs ingredients, spices are one of the main ingredients in the drugs. It can make the bloodstream run smoothly, your heart beating normally, and many more. To know the spices that may prevent Coronavirus, read the information below.

Know The 5 Types of Spices That Can Prevent Corona Virus

Before we move our discussion to the spices, we should know further the existence of Coronavirus and how they attack our immune system. First time spread in Wuhan around October 2019; Coronavirus became one of the pandemics with millions of people exposed all over the world. It's said the source of the virus came from wild animals like a bat that sells for food.

Since Wuhan have a large and famous wet market, the expert assumes the virus came when someone buys a fresh animal in the market that killed on the spot. But research shows that the virus transmitted from human to human, make the bat is one of the living things that affected by Coronavirus. It can be concluded that the cause of Coronavirus arises came from various factors that we haven't find out yet.

It's far from the Wuhan thing, Coronavirus first discovered in 1965. The virus gives a common cold disease when it's incubating in our body. The disease is quite similar to SARS and MERS, make the scientists classified that to another crown-like virus. In 2002, there is a small outbreak in China that led to 8,000 infected and 774 died. The symptoms of Coronavirus are short breath, problems in respiratory, headache, and fever.

While following the updates about the Coronavirus, you must understand the prevention that you should do. The virus didn't plan on attacking people, but they search a place to stay and to make them always develop. Coronavirus has a lesser chance to come to your body when the immune system environment uncomfortable for them. To make your body immune stronger, you may need to consume spices that we will explain.

Spices No. 1: Garlic

Garlic is popular for many comfort foods. It adding tasty flavour to the dish. Besides that, the benefit that garlic has supported the body from cold and flu. It's proved by the compounds name allicin which is also main content in garlic. Allicin help the body fights germs in the immune system.

When allicin actively responds to disease, they will encounter the viruses. Most of the time, the disease that garlic prevents are cold and flu. It's also the reason why garlic becomes spices that may prevent someone from Coronavirus, especially the symptoms. It secures the respiratory system so that Coronavirus doesn't have any chance to attack it.

Spices No. 2: Ginger

In Asia, ginger is widely known for giving a warm effect on food. The refreshing smell of ginger also uses to make the food taste lighter and natural. Besides using it for dishes, people like to make a medication from ginger when they have the flu. The anti-inflammatory benefit inside ginger eases the respiratory tract to remove toxins. It will help you breathe normally.

Ginger has magnesium, beta-carotene, and zinc in its content. The zinc will blend in your body and boost your immune system. Most Asia people add ginger in drink, meanwhile, in Western countries, people make cookies from ginger. As long as it processed well, the benefit of ginger may narrow the chance of affected Coronavirus.

Spices No.3: Cinnamon

In the Egypt civilization, cinnamon already uses as medication for lungs and heart. It's considered as a rare spice and proper gift for a king. Because of the benefits, it also involved in many of the food processors. If you can name, hot cinnamon drink and cinnamon roll may be on the top of the list that uses cinnamon as their main ingredients.

In making the body healthy, cinnamon also enhances the immune system from the rich antioxidant content. There are also antibiotics inside cinnamon that guard the body against any virus. Considering the Coronavirus also attack people with blood sugar problem, cinnamon help to prevent it by lowering and stabilize the blood sugar in your body.

Spices No. 4: Turmeric

The yellow-to-orange spices lie lots of benefits to be used to prevent the virus from incubating. Research that published by Journal of General Virology shows the alpha group of Coronavirus called Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV) can be prevented by curcumin compound. Curcumin itself is the main compound of turmeric.

It's said that the curcumin help in killing virus particle before it goes into the body. Although TGEV infects pigs, it can be concluded that the curcumin also gave impacts to human because of the virus type similarity. While waiting for research, you can consume turmeric to keep your immune system.

Spices No. 5: Oregano

Usually serve with any Italian dishes, oregano also useful for protecting cells from Coronavirus. Especially, when it resulted as oregano oil. The antioxidant content inside oregano oil strengthens the immune system in your body. There's also anti-inflammatory content that helps your respiratory system function properly.

So far, the spices that we explained above will support your body to make protection inside. The reaction of the body and brain will resist the virus because of the immune that the body produces. The strict guard in your body will lessen your chance to get Coronavirus. Spices may not directly act as drugs for Coronavirus, or even vaccine for that. Indeed, the 5 types of spices that can prevent Corona virus will help you protect your body.

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