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5 Natural Alternative Treatment for Cancer

There’s some natural alternative treatments for cancer. All parts of the body can be attacked by cancer. Your body regularly produces new cells that are useful for growth and for replacing damaged or diseased cells. Normally, cells grow and develop fixedly. However, there are also uncontrolled growths that later appear to be lumps called tumors.

Tumors consist of benign tumors and malignant tumors. Benign tumors arise when there is abnormal cell growth that does not cross the boundaries of the tissue, grows slowly, is curved, and has a membrane covering so that it is easy to operate and remove. Meanwhile, malignant or cancerous tumors are abnormal cell growths that grow fast, do not have a knot, and grow to infiltrate other parts through lymph vessels.

In cancer patients, the most common complication is an infection, namely in people with advanced cancer. This infection occurs due to a lack of protein and other nutrients, as well as suppression of the immune system that often occurs after conventional treatment. For cancer symptoms

What Causes Cancer

In general, the reasons for this can be divided into two:


  • Gene mutations that have been present since birth are inherited from parents or due to disorders of gene formation before birth. 
  • Genes mutations after birth caused by smoking, radiation, viruses, cancer-causing chemicals, obesity, hormonal causes, long-term inflammation, etc.


A cancer diagnosis will go through several stages. The doctor will conduct a detailed medical interview, then a comprehensive physical examination that is tailored to the suspected type of cancer. Also, patients will also undergo supporting examinations such as laboratory, radiological and biopsy. The type of examination performed depends on the type of cancer. After the diagnosis is made, then the doctor will determine the diagnosis, stage, and treatment of cancer. 


The Symptoms of Cancer

The signs of cancer depend on the part of the organ that is affected. However, in general, cancer provides symptoms, including the following:

·         There is bleeding or abnormal discharge. Such as constant nosebleeds, nipple discharge that contains blood, vaginal discharge that bleeds outside the menstrual cycle or menopause, blood is found in the feces when defecating, blood in urine, and coughing or vomiting that contains blood.

·          Lumps in the breast.

·          Weight loss

·         Notable changes in moles or skin, etc.

The cause of cancer is the frequent change from DNA cells to benign tumors, and some eventually become malignant or cancerous tumors. These changes cause cell growth that is very fast and uncontrolled.


Natural Alternative Treatment for Cancer

There are several natural alternative treatments that you believe you can use to prevent and reduce cancer cells.

1. Soursop leaves

Many studies to claim that soursop leaves have anti-cancer properties. One of them are a research published in the American Journal of Cancer Prevention. The research claims that the annonaceous acetogenins contained in soursop leaves can inhibit the development of cancer cells. According to researchers, soursop leaf extract helps inhibit growth to kill pancreatic cancer cells. Other studies also mention that soursop leaves have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can help relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatment.

2.  Grape Seed

The extract in grape seed contains proanthocyanidins to inhibit colon cancer growth. Proanthocyanidins accumulate in large amounts in the large intestine because they are not properly absorbed in the stomach. Proanthocyanidin also can stop cancer cells more efficiently when they are in the colon. Some studies have shown that the phytochemicals in grape seeds have anti-tumor or strong cancer prevention abilities isolated from the seeds themselves. Proanthocyanidins are of great importance, as these have been found to stop pancreatic cancer cells from spreading.

The extract from grape seed extract triggers the death of cancer cells. Grape seed extract turned out to decrease cancer cell but not harm healthy cells. Grape seed extract work to limiting the survival of cancer cells.

3.  Garlic 

Garlic is currently being studied for its ability to reduce cancer risk. There is actually not enough evidence that consuming large amounts of garlic can prevent cancer. It's a good thing to make garlic as part of your daily diet unless you find a problem with someone's medication. Most of the research results say that garlic has a great effect. Garlic is an herbal cancer medicine because garlic contains ajoene. Ajoene is a sulfur-binding substance that slows down the production of cancer cells. Scientists believe the substances in garlic can kill cancer cells and interfere with their metabolism. Mouth, throat, stomach, prostate, and kidney cancer can be reduced by consuming garlic

4Green tea

Green tea contains polyphenolic compounds which play an important role in herbal cancer medicines. The effectiveness of green tea against tumors was also observed in the colon and gastric cancer patients. Some studies have shown that green tea can effectively fight tumors and genetic mutations. It can protect cells from DNA damage caused by reactive oxygen species. Some studies show that the polyphenols in green tea not only prevent cancer cells from dividing but also cause damage and kill tumor cells. 

5.  Mushroom

There are different mushrooms with different chemical properties. Shiitake, reishi, Coriolus Versicolor, yamabushitake, and maitake mushrooms are known to have cancer-fighting properties. This anticancer ability is thought to be due to the content of polysaccharides which increase the immune system so that it is strong against cancer.


Scientists found that yamabushitake mushrooms have the potential to fight leukemia in humans. The use of shiitake extract in cancer patients has also shown promising results. The researchers found that gastrointestinal or breast cancer patients who took mushroom extracts along with chemotherapy experienced improved quality of life and immune function. Mushrooms contain lectins. Lectins have been shown to prevent cancer cells from multiplying. Another compound in mushrooms is ergosterol peroxide which can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.


Alternative Cancer Treatments are Worth Trying

These are some alternative cancer treatments that have shown some promise in helping people with cancer. Talk can talk to your doctor if you're interested to try some of there methods

  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Exercise 
  • Massage
  • Music therapy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Etc.


Even though the benefits of these natural alternatives for cancer, herbal remedies like these are only a supportive therapy and a promotional effort in maintaining a healthy body, these plants have not been through actual clinical trials to confirm their validity as a cure for cancer. So, stay careful and ask your doctor for advice if you want to try it.

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